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If you're looking to increase your ROI from Pay Per Click (PPC), my services can help you.

Here's why:

PPC can be the most effective form of paid advertising. It allows you to market to very motivated prospects (people actively searching on Google and other search engines) and only pay when they click on your ads to visit your site. But, there are two problems:

(1) Because it's so effective, PPC can be very competitive.

(2) Google regularly "change the rules" for Adwords.

And that's why using the services of a PPC manager can greatly increase your Adwords profits.

Getting The Most From Your PPC Marketing

Making money from pay Per Click comes down to two things:

(1) You need to use Adwords effectively. Google rewards good advertisers by letting them pay far less for their clicks. And, if your clicks are far cheaper, your profit per click will be far higher.

(2) You need to get the most from the visitors that come to your site. If you can convert a higher percentage of visitors to sales (or enquiries), you'll make more money.

And this is where I differ from most PPC consultants. They tend to be experts on the Google Adwords technology, but not on marketing. While I know Adwords inside out - and keep abreast of all the latest changes - I'm also an experienced direct marketer (and PPC is just a form of direct marketing).

And, because I'm a marketer, my primary focus is not on "click through rates" or "cost per click", it's on profits and return on investment.

This means my PPC services go beyond just about getting people to click on your ads. I'll also work with you to increase the selling rate (also known as the conversion rate) of your website.

After all, there's no point in paying for clicks and then wasting your PPC marketing budget by letting your visitors slip through your fingers, is there?

My clients frequently get increases of 20-30% in their website conversion, which means an extra 20-30% in sales... and that's for all their traffic, not just pay per click.

It's this two-pronged approach - working on "both sides of the click" - that creates exceptional results for my clients. You can read about some of them on the PPC testimonials page.

And, as I'm also a marketing consultant and professional copywriter, you'll have a pay per click consultant who can also advise you on other aspects of your marketing and advertising.

So, if you're interested in my marketing services for PPC, please check out the services I offer (my prices are listed on that page).

Best wishes,

Steve Gibson

P.S. If you'd like a copy of my free report on PPC marketing titled "The Adwords Companion - 5 Essential Insights Google Don't Teach You About Adwords", click here.

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